Friday, July 29, 2011

lists post 2nd Ccsvi

my voice is clearer, stronger, more crystal like!

my legs, hella' wobbily for lack of use
respond more easily ^ readily!

my mind seems sharper, more able
my core & breathing mechanism

support & sustain me, longer
I feel the inherent pliability

of me & rev for the gun!
48 hrs, no immersion

2 days of nothing 'strenuous'
2 weeks of soft training

then, 'train like an athlete!
training for life!

Monday, July 18, 2011


i need a new bathing suit
sounds trivial, huh?
No, I can't do it again
suffer through the humiliation and spectacle
of breasts popping out
manipulating the red stretchy fabric
to cover and catch my floating orbs
too, obscene to ignore
I wonder at my chagrin
and am set to remedy the situation
once & for all
so, I'm headed to Goodwill

well, getting dressed has
caused the rest I need to struggle through
on over to being dressed
so, simple a thing
yet I have to rest awhile yet
and wonder at buying a 2nd hand suit?!

mef 7/18/11

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Conundrum of set dressing

I've been tending my package mechanically flawed as it is
changing location seemed the flaw in the life
moving through life quick as I did

married by twenty-one to an italian talented chef
'Guio' his momma explained to me on her parting call
Strife, indeed! Evictions & car repair ever the drama

Hotels, Catering, Sm, then MS
CCSVI revelation all she knew to keep going
getting up & tending the package
Realizing now, the hurts I've suffered, forgotten
lived over through and beyond
I wonder, at blue skies heaven and winged things

Singing my song, matching the flute
proving my worth, testing my mechanism
Jonathan Livingston Seagull reminds me

flight is solo and so is art
longing the attention of a connoisseur
a steward a heart invested

my plot?

MEF 7/16/11